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At an early age I started creating art. Today I mostly work with art collections trying to cherish the different life phases that i am going through. My art is always build out of my inner world, something that just has to get out. Than there are some art pieces that i tried out, but those never felt like a true collection.

Measurements & prices

For sizes, material and prices please contact me!

I price my paintings non-conventional. Basically this means, what I would spend on the art work myself is also what I ask for it.

(Most of the art works are between 1.20m x 3m)

Universe collection 2020

The universe collection is very dear to me.
I’ve created those pieces of art to try and grasp the connection I feel with the universe and to pour that connection on a linnen canvas.
This collection, all of them are made with intense music and all started out of nothing except a profound feeling of unity.

The animal collection 2019

This is an animal collection. Every animal serves a different purpose just like you and I.
I made it with water color & resin art.

Face collection 2018

All faces are relatives of mine. They all carry a message. On the back of the canvas there is a sentence with that sentence you can unravel the meaning of the painting.