About me

Sammy-yo Jolene

When I grew up it wasn’t very difficult from me to understand what I wanted with my life. I was always busy with creativity and obsessed by discovering the different ways of self expression.

Searching for my path and some good advice I quickly discovered that my place in the world belongs in the artistic industry.

Whatever my passions demand from me I shall become.

I love to express myself in music as a singer composer and writer & I use my pencils when i fall short on words.

Never the less my heart also reached out to understand more about humans and so some psychology studies were necessary to follow. I had to discover more about human nature but above all that discover more about myself.

It provided me of the answers I needed to evolve as an artist and to grow as a human being. After 3 years of studying acting and – playing with the emotional memory – I discovered another part of me that wants to be able to express itself, through acting.

A great trip to the past and a hand out to the future, I currently like to share my experience and bring people back towards their feelings and their true connection.

Currently i’m working on some new music and a new art collection which absorbs most of my time. In the future I hope to focus more on my career in acting and teaching as well.

Authenticity is my way of dealing with the everyday life.

About my


About my


About my